Friday, December 13, 2013

NUMECA International Congratulates Emirates Team New Zealand for Impressive America’s Cup Effort

BRUSSELS and SAN FRANCISCO - Utilizing NUMECA FINE™/Marine fluid dynamics software for hydrodynamic modeling capability, Emirates Team New Zealand  (ETNZ) nearly edged out Oracle Team USA in the 34th America's Cup. ETNZ held the lead in the series as the competition entered the final two races.
NUMECA International is proud to have contributed to this success through our dedicated software environment, FINE™/Marine, and through the support of our engineers, creating a dynamic partnership with the ETNZ designers,” said Professor Charles Hirsch, President of NUMECA. Emirates Team New Zealand utilized FINE™/Marine for both hull development and appendage analysis (primarily boards and rudders) on its AC72 catamaran.
 Prior to the America’s Cup competition, ETNZ won the Louis Vuitton Cup, defeating Team Luna Rossa, who also utilized FINE™/Marine in their ship designs.
To view a video about the NUMECA-ETNZ America’s Cup partnership, click here.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fast and easy 3D acoustic troubleshooting

From sound to source in minutes

Acoustic troubleshooting is a challenging yet essential process for many types of industries. With the patented SoundBrush solution, LMS introduces a revolutionary and complete tool that helps you see what you hear.
SoundBrush is the first ever technology to visualize the sound field in 3D while measuring.
The core of the compact SoundBrush solution is the patented optical tracking technology, combined with either a sound pressure microphone or a 3D intensity sensor.
But SoundBrush is not merely functionally brilliant, it also offers outstanding user-friendliness with easy setup and plug and play features.
See what you hear, in full 3D
LMS SoundBrush makes sound visible. When moving the probe freely around the test object in any orientation or position, the sound field is immediately displayed on your screen in 3D.
The automatic position detection facilitates the interpretation of the 3D sound field that is displayed together with a 3D model of the test object. As this happens in real-time, there is no need for post processing.
Fast, easy, intuitive
LMS SoundBrush brings unmatched user comfort and efficiency to acoustic troubleshooting.
Getting started with LMS SoundBrush is child’s play. Simply click the antenna with the acoustic sensor onto the probe, plug the USB probe and the camera into your PC and start the software. The system automatically recognizes the antenna type. No calibration is required.
Moreover, the software follows an intuitive workflow that guides you through logical steps from setup to report. No training is required. Powerful 3D data representation allows a quick and accurate interpretation of the measured data.
In short, no time is lost setting up or handling the system, which means that you can fully focus on solving the acoustic problem.
Compact and integrated
Last but not least, LMS SoundBrush is a compact, yet truly all-in-one solution: one, single system – without the need for additional measurement hardware or analysis software – that neatly fits in a handheld travel case. Easy to take with you and get started!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NUMECA Our World!

NUMECA is focused on innovation in CFD and multiphysics analysis and optimization. NUMECA has been FIRST to develop unique and most advanced software systems such as:

  • Full Hex Automatic Meshing Solutions and Integrated CAD Cleaning with AutoGrid5™, HEXPRESS™ and HEXPRESS™/Hybrid
  • Ultra-Fast Multiphysics CFD solvers with the CPU-Booster™
  • Full unsteady multistage turbomachinery simulation with the Non-Linear Harmonic (NLH) method, leading to a CPU gain of 2 to 3, in orders of magnitude, compared to full unsteady simulations
  • Full-Integrated blade shape optimization with FINE™/Design3D and AutoBlade™ for all types of turbomachinery
  • OpenLabs, enabling the creation of your own CFD and multiphysics models without any programming
  • Full integrated Aero-Vibro acoustic-CFD system with FINE™/Acoustics and Flow-Noise for fast broadband noise predictions
  • Complete CFD environment dedicated to naval architects and marine engineers: FINE™/Marine
  • The module for Uncertainty Quantification to reduce the risks associated to your simulation based design decision process 

We believe in people and methods, with creative teams all over the world, to deliver the best in software, R&D, support and services.

For more details, please visit our website or contact us at

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

midasNFX 2013 International Training (3rd June 2013 - 7th June 2013)

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Thanks midasNFX for giving us a great traning!!! :)
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

MIDAS NFX 2013 is coming soon

*Join NFX 2013 Online Release Seminar at RELEASE WEBINAR and you will obtain FREE ACCESS to our software for 60 days.

NFX is on its way to be the best FEA generalist analysis software for engineers. A new version will be ready for you around mid-June. With the new enhancements, work with NFX becomes easier and faster than ever. In our software, you may discover the new revolutionary as below:

  • It works like Microsoft Word and it has been designed for engineer which could take up a week to master the software.
  • It is the first revolutionary software that has one User Interface for FEA and CFD analysis.
  • midasNFX is developed in KOREA and it covers the application in static, dynamic, linear-nonlinear, buckling, explicit (drop / crash), thermal – stress, modal analysis (vibration), optimization, internal CFD, external CFD, free surface analysis, conjugate CFD heat transfer, and etc.
  • midasNFX2013 is equipped with high speed meshing (operate in parallel core), high speed modeling, high speed computation with parallel (which we do not limit the number of parallel core and by theory, it could go up to 9,999 parallel processing).
  • midasNFX2013 is embedded with AUTO-REPAIR geometry by removing FILLETs and HOLEs automatically and the contacts between 2 component could be defined automatically.
  • midasNFX2013 is accepting various of CAD geometry without needing for conversion for CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDEDGE, PROE (CREO), AUTODESK INVENTOR and many more.

NFX 2013 comes with more than 100 improvements since last year: Nonlinear implicit dynamics, Size optimization, Nonlinear Heat Stress analysis, New simplification tools, ... and all that in one unique interface! 

Join us to discover about all the exciting events we will organize in the next weeks! 

Get Informed Before Everyone
how NFX 2013 will make your work more addictive than ever
By subscribing at the below form you’ll get informed about the following events

  • Online release seminar
  • Free 60-day s super trial period
  • Technical seminars of multiple industry applications
  • Free learning material and case studies

  • For more information, you may go to


    Make better FEA Analysis, join midas NFX 2013 release webinar !

    Join NFX 2013 Online Release Seminar

    Register Now: Click here!

    NFX 2013 is releasing on June 20th. We prepared an online seminar to introduce to you this revolutionary FEA generalist software. With its all solution-in-one interface, intuitive workflow, high-end analysis capacity, NFX 2013 will definitely be the one on 2013 FEA must-know list. Join us to know more!
    Is it for you? 
    No doubt, if you love FEA and believe CAE tools should be more effective
    especially if you are:
    1. CAD designer who want to carry out some serious large assembly FEA analysis
    2. FEA analyst who needs various high-end analysis with small-middle budget.
    3. CAE or CAD software distributors expecting to extend your market opportunities.

    What will you learn? 
    1. Live demonstration of NFX 2013 new enhancements and benefits
    2. Linear/nonlinear static analysis with simple workflow
    3. Large assembly contact analysis
    4. Simple definition of composite material laminates
    5. Nonlinear implicit/explicit sequential analysis in one unique environment

    Added Value
    All attendees will be given a coupon to try full version of midas NFX 2013 during 60 days *
       Interested but too busy to attend, slide copy and video record only  Request for material

    NFX 2013's High-Light Enhancements
    You can see a short trailer here!
    Nonlinear Heat Stress analysis
    Perform Nonlinear Heat Transfer Analysis fully coupled with Nonlinear Static Analysis to investigate Heat stress deformation at any step of the simulation.

    Nonlinear- Implicit Dynamics

    This new analysis type which can be coupled with NFX explicit dynamic analysis will help you to perform more complex nonlinear analysis, more quickly and efficiently.  

    Size Optimization

    Optimize your model properties (material, plate thickness,…) to obtain the best compromise of resistance and fit your design criteria.

    Mid-surface Generation

    Create 2D shell model automatically from 3D CAD model to perform better FEA analysis.
    +60 17 656 3436

    Sunday, March 24, 2013


    The UQ-Module for Uncertainty Quantification: Another FIRST from NUMECA International 

    Most designers are aware that many variables entering the simulation process have a range of uncertainty, such as operational (boundary) conditions, geometric or modeling parameters. With this new tool from NUMECA, you will be able to reduce the risks associated to your simulation based design decision process, by: 

    • Specifying and quantifying input uncertainties as probability density functions (pdf) 
    • Obtaining predicted quantities with uncertainty bars 
    • Obtaining predicted quantities as probability density functions, instead of single values, defining hereby a range of confidence


    Predicted pressure distribution with error bars on an airfoil section with uncertain incident Mach number and flow angle, from FINE™/Open.

    Predicted performance map with error bars, for an uncertainty on downstream pressure (NASA Rotor 37). The blue marks represent the deterministic predictions, from FINE™/Turbo.

    Thursday, March 14, 2013

    Van Voorden Maritime: “FINE/Marine is the most advanced CFD software for the marine industry” (Plugged from

    Van Voorden Maritime: “FINE/Marine is the most advanced CFD software for the marine industry”
    07.03.13 Increase in knowledge and better performing product for its customers thanks to NUMECA’s FINE/Marine!

    A proper understanding of the flow around the ship is needed when designing an efficient propulsion system. With the purchase of the CFD package FINE/Marine, Van Voorden Maritime is now able to simulate flows around ships in-house, resulting in an increase in knowledge and a better performing product for its customers.

    Customized propeller With increasing computer power, nowadays it’s possible to perform more complex calculations and simulations. This is for a propeller designer no different; where in the early days use was made of diagrams and comparable ships it’s now possible to design a customized propeller which is tailored to the ship and the customers needs.

    One of the most interesting data to achieve such a high performance propeller is the wake field which is the plane where the propeller operates. This data is typically shown with three variables; axial, tangential and radial velocities. These can then be further processed in the design software of Van Voorden to create the best possible, smooth running propeller with optimal thrust while taking into account the actual flow at the propeller. This kind of propeller is referred as the third generation and is developed by Van Voorden as a ‘Next Generation Propeller’.

    Most advanced CFD software for the marine industry The wake field can be obtained from full scale CFD calculations. Other sources for these fields are model tests (with a wake field on model scale) or from similar ships from our database. However, latter two methods bring some uncertainties in the propeller design process. To ensure a high quality product Van Voorden recently bought the CFD package FINE/Marine, the most advanced CFD software for the marine industry. With the purchase Van Voorden is the first propeller manufacturer in the world to acquire such this advanced simulation software. Next to predicting the wake field, CFD calculations will also be used to simulate the wave pattern and flow details near the hull and/or appendages which also may effect the performance of the propeller.

    Unlimited possibilities Furthermore the company has now unlimited possibilities to further develop the design of propellers into fourth generation (interaction between propeller and hull) and fifth generation (taking into account interaction between hull and propeller for different design conditions). Also other research projects for cavitation effects and for specific markets (luxury yachts, fishery, inland shipping) can now be taken to the next level. With this investment Van Voorden Maritime is ready for the feature and ready to set the new standard in propeller design.

    To read Van Voorden Maritime’s review on FINE/Marine, please click here.

    For more details on FINE/Marine, please contact us at or +60 3 8 959 3436.