Sunday, June 9, 2013

Make better FEA Analysis, join midas NFX 2013 release webinar !

Join NFX 2013 Online Release Seminar

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NFX 2013 is releasing on June 20th. We prepared an online seminar to introduce to you this revolutionary FEA generalist software. With its all solution-in-one interface, intuitive workflow, high-end analysis capacity, NFX 2013 will definitely be the one on 2013 FEA must-know list. Join us to know more!
Is it for you? 
No doubt, if you love FEA and believe CAE tools should be more effective
especially if you are:
1. CAD designer who want to carry out some serious large assembly FEA analysis
2. FEA analyst who needs various high-end analysis with small-middle budget.
3. CAE or CAD software distributors expecting to extend your market opportunities.

What will you learn? 
1. Live demonstration of NFX 2013 new enhancements and benefits
2. Linear/nonlinear static analysis with simple workflow
3. Large assembly contact analysis
4. Simple definition of composite material laminates
5. Nonlinear implicit/explicit sequential analysis in one unique environment

Added Value
All attendees will be given a coupon to try full version of midas NFX 2013 during 60 days *
   Interested but too busy to attend, slide copy and video record only  Request for material

NFX 2013's High-Light Enhancements
You can see a short trailer here!
Nonlinear Heat Stress analysis
Perform Nonlinear Heat Transfer Analysis fully coupled with Nonlinear Static Analysis to investigate Heat stress deformation at any step of the simulation.

Nonlinear- Implicit Dynamics

This new analysis type which can be coupled with NFX explicit dynamic analysis will help you to perform more complex nonlinear analysis, more quickly and efficiently.  

Size Optimization

Optimize your model properties (material, plate thickness,…) to obtain the best compromise of resistance and fit your design criteria.

Mid-surface Generation

Create 2D shell model automatically from 3D CAD model to perform better FEA analysis.
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