Sunday, June 9, 2013

MIDAS NFX 2013 is coming soon

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NFX is on its way to be the best FEA generalist analysis software for engineers. A new version will be ready for you around mid-June. With the new enhancements, work with NFX becomes easier and faster than ever. In our software, you may discover the new revolutionary as below:

  • It works like Microsoft Word and it has been designed for engineer which could take up a week to master the software.
  • It is the first revolutionary software that has one User Interface for FEA and CFD analysis.
  • midasNFX is developed in KOREA and it covers the application in static, dynamic, linear-nonlinear, buckling, explicit (drop / crash), thermal – stress, modal analysis (vibration), optimization, internal CFD, external CFD, free surface analysis, conjugate CFD heat transfer, and etc.
  • midasNFX2013 is equipped with high speed meshing (operate in parallel core), high speed modeling, high speed computation with parallel (which we do not limit the number of parallel core and by theory, it could go up to 9,999 parallel processing).
  • midasNFX2013 is embedded with AUTO-REPAIR geometry by removing FILLETs and HOLEs automatically and the contacts between 2 component could be defined automatically.
  • midasNFX2013 is accepting various of CAD geometry without needing for conversion for CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDEDGE, PROE (CREO), AUTODESK INVENTOR and many more.

NFX 2013 comes with more than 100 improvements since last year: Nonlinear implicit dynamics, Size optimization, Nonlinear Heat Stress analysis, New simplification tools, ... and all that in one unique interface! 

Join us to discover about all the exciting events we will organize in the next weeks! 

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