Friday, October 18, 2013

Fast and easy 3D acoustic troubleshooting

From sound to source in minutes

Acoustic troubleshooting is a challenging yet essential process for many types of industries. With the patented SoundBrush solution, LMS introduces a revolutionary and complete tool that helps you see what you hear.
SoundBrush is the first ever technology to visualize the sound field in 3D while measuring.
The core of the compact SoundBrush solution is the patented optical tracking technology, combined with either a sound pressure microphone or a 3D intensity sensor.
But SoundBrush is not merely functionally brilliant, it also offers outstanding user-friendliness with easy setup and plug and play features.
See what you hear, in full 3D
LMS SoundBrush makes sound visible. When moving the probe freely around the test object in any orientation or position, the sound field is immediately displayed on your screen in 3D.
The automatic position detection facilitates the interpretation of the 3D sound field that is displayed together with a 3D model of the test object. As this happens in real-time, there is no need for post processing.
Fast, easy, intuitive
LMS SoundBrush brings unmatched user comfort and efficiency to acoustic troubleshooting.
Getting started with LMS SoundBrush is child’s play. Simply click the antenna with the acoustic sensor onto the probe, plug the USB probe and the camera into your PC and start the software. The system automatically recognizes the antenna type. No calibration is required.
Moreover, the software follows an intuitive workflow that guides you through logical steps from setup to report. No training is required. Powerful 3D data representation allows a quick and accurate interpretation of the measured data.
In short, no time is lost setting up or handling the system, which means that you can fully focus on solving the acoustic problem.
Compact and integrated
Last but not least, LMS SoundBrush is a compact, yet truly all-in-one solution: one, single system – without the need for additional measurement hardware or analysis software – that neatly fits in a handheld travel case. Easy to take with you and get started!